Support for the SmartPhone MiniRemote “IR Button”

APP Download

You can download the SmartPhone MiniRemote APP from the iTunes and Google Play Stores by searching for VuStar.

For Android users in locations where Play Store is not available, download the APK here. For assistance installing an APK directly, see the FAQ below.


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My MiniRemote won’t work

When you connect the MiniRemote to your SmartPhone, a blue light near the top will normally flash briefly and the MiniRemote will be recognized by the APP. If not, try the following:

  1. First, check that the MiniRemote plug is fully inserted into your Phone’s headset socket. Some phone cases may prevent the MiniRemote being fully inserted.
  2. Second, check that the battery has charge. Connect the MiniRemote to power using a micro-usb cable and check that the red light illuminates. After approximately 10  minutes,  the  red  light  will  turn  off  or flash slowly, indicating that the battery is full.
  3. Third, many phones have sound enhancement features such as Bass Boost or Equalization which affects the how the MiniRemote communicates with the APP. The APP is designed to be compatible with standard and many non-standard sound enhancement technologies, however some manufacturers develop their own non-standard methods which Android apps cannot manage. In most cases you will find a setting in your Phone’s Settings where you can disable sound enhancement.
  4. Finally, some Phones have incorrectly wired Left and Right sound channels, which changes how the MiniRemote communicates with the APP. For these Phones, try using the Switch Sound Channels option in Advanced Settings under Settings. You will need to agree to this non-standard setting.

I am trying to install using the APK

First you must download the APK file to your Phone. The simplest method is to open this page in your Phone’s web browser and select the APK download link above, and save the file. Then use a file manager (Android usually has an app called My Files or File Manager, or you can download one such as ES File Explorer from Play Store) to select the file. Android should ask if you want to install, and you should select yes. You may need to select yes to allowing permissions to install an unknown application, or if you have an earlier version of Android you can change the security settings in your Settings app and allow installation from unknown sources. Be sure to return this setting to its previous value after installation.
Once installed, you can use the Upgrade option built into the APP, under Me->About (but if you installed from Play Store then we recommend allowing Play Store to upgrade the APP)

I cannot learn my IR remote

Always aim your remote toward the MiniRemote, and ensure there is no strong sunlight or other lighting (including IR lighting such as security cameras) or possibly reflective surfaces than may interfere with the IR signal you are trying to learn.
We have engineered our devices to operate with a wide range of remote controls using standard 38kHz IR signals and supporting the known protocols in use. However some manufacturers use esoteric or home-grown protocols or non-standard IR frequencies and these cannot be learned

Tips & Tricks

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In any screen where you have a Refresh option, you can pull down on the screen instead of clicking the button